The services we offer

We assist in the implementation of a compliance risk framework that defines and rates the risk of non-compliance with specific regulatory requirements.


Our Services

The primary role of our compliance function is to assist top management and staff members in discharging their responsibility to comply with applicable regulatory requirements through the provision of compliance risk management services. Such function plays a valuable role in the implementation of a compliance risk management framework. This includes the identification, assessment, management, monitoring and reporting of compliance risks that are faced by an organization.

As part of the risk management framework we assist with the implementation of a compliance manual that:

Addresses all material regulatory risks that the organization faces.

Refers to specific regulations, laws and industry standards applicable.

Defines procedures and controls for each regulatory requirement.

We set out a compliance plan for the year ahead, where we conduct quarterly compliance reviews based on the compliance theme. These reviews may include site visits or through the use of systems;

Identify and improve areas of compliance weakness.

Ensure that controls designed to protect the organisation against non-compliance are adequate and being properly implemented.

Review the integrity of the compliance system.

Crux Compliance have developed a number monitoring plans to ensure that each area of risk controls within the business is managed. Each quarterly compliance review is followed up with report with our findings and recommendations.