Our Compliance Solutions

Fica Compliance Risk Management Programme

Our CRMP includes a description of senior management’s accountability and the appointment Money laundering compliance officer. The programme provides for the establishment and maintenance of effective AML/CFT systems and controls and includes


  • The Risk indicators
  • Client Risk Profiling
  • Customer Due Diligence Measures
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting
  • UN Sanctions List

FAIS Compliance Risk Management

Highlights that risk management goes beyond the control of financial risks only and that the reputation and future survival of the business are also at stake. The key steps we considered in establishing a sound risk management plan include the following:


  • Identify risks early and continuously;
  • Thoroughly understand risks, their causes and consequences
  • Determine how to best avoid or reduce risks;
  • Establish internal controls to mitigate risks;
  • Monitor control systems and ensure timely and accurate reporting

Crux Posts

Is an informative newsletter which provides our partners with regulatory updates, tools and industry articles. The aim and purpose of the newsletter is to include most pertinent information together with some insight into other matters.

The Fit and Proper Programme

Assists FSP’s to establish, maintain and update on a regular basis a competence registers in which all qualifications, successfully completed regulatory examinations, product specific training, class of business training and CPD of the FSP, its key individuals and representatives are recorded.

Supervision Programme

Provides for a seamless supervision process, where the FSP can record and detail the supervision monitoring of the representative. The programme assists with identifying areas to be achieved by the supervisee whilst assisting the supervisor with achieving his/hers objectives.

Knowledge Management Portal

Provides insights and FAQ with respect to various FAIS and Fica matters.