How do you ensure that your business complies with every law, rule, and regulation that governs its operations? Are you doing everything you can to write sound policies, monitor compliance, and respond to issues? Specifically, how are you keeping your enterprise data safe?

Crux Compliance recognizes that an essential part of achieving this objective is to have an effective system of governance, which includes conducting activities in accordance with all applicable legislation and company policies to enhance client and stakeholder confidence in its administration.

To meet this commitment, an FSP must maintain the highest standards of diligence in all areas of its operations, integrating controls into standard management policies, risk management plans and accountability processes.

The illustrative guide below highlights some of the legislative and business requirements to which a Financial Service Provider needs to have in place to be able to evidence compliance. This guide is not exhaustive, as each level of compliance would also include further controls and standards. Additional regulatory reporting requirements also needs to be considered.