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Advisers who chose to ignore crypto may be unaware of the transformation the market has undergone in recent years, as demand for the assets soared and regulators started to take notice.

In this podcast by FT Adviser one will discover how crypto investing has come of age, what trends we are seeing in this market currently, and how advisers might look to position themselves as the regulatory treatment of the assets changes.

Fears around rampant inflation sent crypto assets spiralling last week, dashing hopes that bitcoin could act as an inflation hedge. But this is not the first time the market has dipped, and many investors are not investing in crypto solely to preserve their buying power.

Participants believe the market will reach $5bn (£4bn) by 2030, with a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report estimating growth to as much as $120bn, fuelled by institutional demand and expected changes in US policy.

The UK government has also said it sees opportunities in using crypto and blockchain and wants to ensure the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies.

So what should advisers, who have not gone near crypto for the past few years, know about crypto now?