The FSCA is in the process of implementing an Integrated Regulatory System (IRS). This system will enable it to integrate all regulatory and supervisory information held on FSPs, and provide a medium of displaying the profile data of institutions through the respective E-portal systems of the FSCA in respect of the various sectors, ie FSPs, CISs and foreign CISs, retirement funds and insurers.

The main purpose of the exercise is to obtain verified information, ensure that the information held by the FSCA is correct, and to identify and rectify any discrepancies on database records of the FSCA. It will involve logging in to the relevant E-portal and updating the following entities’ information,

Contact details;

Relevant persons, including directors and shareholders;
Management, including pension fund trustees (if applicable);
Compliance officer(s), responsible persons and/or principal officers (if applicable);
Accounting officer(s) and/or information in respect of audit partners

including contact details, relevant persons information, management, compliance officers, accounting officers and others.

The abovementioned process must be completed by 15 December 2021. Where you require assistance with the submission of request for information, please contact us and we will gladly assist further here.

Guidance Notes RFI Data Request for FAIS